What Great Lakes International University Academic Experience is all about?


Change is needed here and now, to re-imagine higher education in today's context. Great Lakes International University is a path breaking academic endeavour whose goal is to be a harbinger of such change.

  • Rich Liberal Arts component to build creative and critical thinking skills.
  • Specializations with significant market demand.
  • Carefully curated students’ experience helping develop
    • Creativity and risk taking abilities
    • Exceptional communication skills
    • Ability to work in multi-disciplinary teams
  • Great location in Sri City, Andhra Pradesh area offering a vibrant industry interface.

Developing Professional Tri-Athlete


The Ultimate Fit for Industry Demands

According to a recent survey of industry leaders, today's managers lack two particular skills that impede their growth viz., ability to work in teams and have creative thought processes. We at Great Lakes International University, have thus developed programs whose core purpose is to make our students the intellectual equivalent of tri-athletes – the ultimate fit for industry demands.

The Concept of an Professional Tri-Athlete:

A GLIU graduate, who is possessed of all of the following:

  • Equipped with soft skills, linguistic abilities and capable of speaking intelligently about society, the arts, and life.
  • Strong in their core disciplines armed with specializations in one or more new economy skills.
  • Has an attitude of problem-solving where the focus is on adapting and optimizing solutions for situations.

Re-imagined Pedagogy


Great Lakes International University addresses the most urgent challenges facing society today—problems too complex to be tackled by any single discipline. A re-imagined pedagogy developed after careful consideration, offers an ideal cross-disciplinary learning experience, critical to succeed in today’s workplace.

This involves imparting core business concepts and digital economy curricula along with a balance of liberal arts courses. This makes for a business degree that is truly meant for the global economy.

Be a Great Laker

Smooth Transition


High School is over and it’s time to look towards the future. At Great Lakes International University, students are provided an orientation before the actual commencement of the program.

This two-week Orientation Program will ensure a smooth transition from school to college and give you an insight into the Great Lakes International University experience.

The Orientation will also bring students up to speed with basics courses which will form an essential basis for further study.