Admission Pathways

Pathway 1: GLUE Test Pathway
Program XII Board Score (CBSE/ISCE) IB Score GLUE TEST (Mandatory)
BBA 70% 30 Merit based
Pathway 2: Public Test Pathway
Program XII Board Score (CBSE/ISCE) IB Score Public Test Score
BBA 70% 30 SAT Score > 1200
Pathway 3: Board Merit Pathway
Program XII Board Score (CBSE/ISCE) IB Score  
BBA >90% >34  

Who Can Apply?

Students from Science, Commerce as well as Arts Stream can apply!

What is GLUE?

Great Lakes Undergraduate Evaluation is an online test that you can take from wherever you want.

Simple 4-Step Admission Process

Online Application
Online Application
Online Test (GLUE)
Online Test (GLUE)
Personal Interview
Personal Interview
Confirm your Admission
Confirm your Admission

Fee and Financials

  First Year Second Year Third Year
Fee payable to GLIU      
Admission Fee
(one-time non-refundable)
Tuition Fee
First Instalment
Second Instalment
1,75,000 1,75,000 1,75,000
1,75,000 1,75,000 1,75,000
Student Activities Fund 3,000 3,000 3,000
Total 3,63,000 3,53,000 3,53,000
Security Deposit
(one-time refundable)
Grand Total 3,73,000 3,53,000 3,53,000

*Total Fee per year is subject to change keeping in mind inflation trends. All the changes will be reflected on our site beforehand. Any decision on the issue by the GLIU Review Team will be deemed final.


Great Lakes International University offers significant scholarships based on multiple excellence criteria such as academics, outstanding athletics, fine arts, and entrepreneurship.